Remote Tech Support

Computer driving you nuts? Don’t want to take it someplace or have someone sitting in your living room that you have to cater to? Try our Remote Tech Support tool. It is not like all these other sites where you download a program and it does some stuff in the background, says its fixed and guess what? it isn’t. We offer live USA support with a real person! We use a tool to remote into your computer to make adjustments and corrections in order to correct your issues. If you can get online you can use this service. Usually we want you on the phone at the same time with us so we can make sure your issues are addressed but if you are busy have to do laundry, dishes, feed the kids, watch the game, whatever it may be we can do a quick interview to determine the issue and we can call you back once it is corrected in order to confirm the repair. No sitting on the phone for an hour waiting for the tech to do what he does. We offer two different services for RTS (Remote Tech Support) a per incident option and a year worth of coverage option.

  • $79.95 per incident
  • $319 for an entire year of coverage on any computer you own.

Please see our Terms of Service for details.