Number One Killer of Your PC!

Heat, yes heat kills your PC. Whether it is from a fan not working, clogged with animal hair or just dust if it is not getting enough airflow the components in your computer will overheat causing errors and eventually early failure of the system. Most systems should be cleaned out at least every six months. If you have pets and the system is on the floor or lower than a table top it should be done monthly. In a desktop system you should have a minimum of three cooling fans but most systems don’t. Why you ask? because they want your system to fail early and often so you go and buy a new one or have to come back for costly repairs that should not have been an issue to begin with.

Another reason some computers overheat is because the wrong drivers are installed for graphics card, network, card, etc. Windows is really bad for installing the wrong drivers during an update this is why you all of sudden see errors and problems after an update. We can determine what your cause of overheating may be for you just give us a call and we can set something up.

If you don’t want to open up your system we offer cleaning services for $49.95, we open the system, clean all fans and any build up of dust on circuit¬†boards. We also will install any extra fans you may need at your request for a nominal fee. So if it feels like you can fry an egg on your case it may be time for a cleaning.